Sher van The Sherry’s

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Biografie Sher van The Sherry’s

Sher is a singer/songwriter/entertainer from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She was born in Nijmegen but was raised in Buren (Gelderland) by her Australian born mother en Belgian born father.
Sher is mostly known for her low, warm but raspy voice, her enthousiasm, her ability to have fun with any kind of crowd, her massive repertoire of covers and originals, her skills to switch from a very intimate gig to a party show and of course her love of beer, travelling and cats.
Sher studied History in Nijmegen and is about to finish her studies as a music manager.
She loves to travel around the country, to play at festivals, pubs, weddings, theaters, backyards any other location you can think of and with any artist you can think of.
Besides lots of wonderful gigs in The Netherlands, she now travels a lot, with her guitarplayer Pelle, all around the world.
They play in Egypt every 4 months and they have been playing in Australia, France, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Bonaire, Curaçao, Belgium, Italy and many other places to come like Aruba, England and Austria.  
Sher has a cover repertoire going all the way from Celine Dion to Rammstein or Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin. You can check out a part of her repertoire list if you hit the music/repertoire button on your right, with more than 1200 songs. 
She also has many original songs, inspired by artists like: Fleetwood Mac, Beth Hart, Cara Dillon and The Beegees and if you listen closely, you will always hear a touch of rock, folk, powervocals and lots of humour in her songs.

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Sher van The Sherry’s
Sher van The Sherry’s

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Sher van The Sherry’s
Sher van The Sherry’s
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