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Biografie Julio & baby Jesus

Growing up in the sacred lowlands, it was clear to see that Julio & Baby Jesus liked their Sunday clothes the best. After moonwalking home on water one day, the hottest girl in school discovered their talents and since that day their cover was blown. Music always played a large role in their household and it slowly became the spiritual red guideline to life. When asked what they wanted to become when they grew up, they both answered that if God was a DJ, they would become one too. Once that prophecy fulfilled itself, the rest became history. When they started visiting the same Church, they connected on a musical level that was made for the masses. Together they decided to go on a worldwide crusade to pass on the mesmerizing sounds of the Lord to all the believers. With the entire Universe as their Prayground, their journey to play holy house music has only just begun. Cross your heart and hope to fly, cause they are on their way give their blessing in a town near you. Amen.

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